Ethiopia Natural-Sidama Region Coffee

The dry processing technique utilized by Telamo cooperative, which captures in the bean all the inherent fruit notes from the entire cherry, sets this coffee apart from its wet-processed counterparts. This type of processing not only brings out incredible fruit qualities in the cup but also preserves the inherent fats in the seeds, increasing the overall depth of the brew. Telamo produces very small quantities of this coffee and is renowned for exceptional quality.

Seller Story: Conscious Coffee is a Boulder, Colorado based roaster on a mission to get world-class coffee into the cups of more discerning coffee drinkers without compromising the mission of creating socially and ecologically responsible coffee. We are a certified organic roastery and only use organic beans. We work in partnership with producer cooperatives from all over the world, maintaining 28 direct relationships in 13 coffee growing countries. These cooperatives are local organizations founded and democratically governed by the producers themselves. They work towards sustainable development in their communities and strive to produce and deliver exceptional specialty coffee. A fair and direct trade B Corp Certified company, Conscious Coffees is committed to the highest social justice and economic standards in the coffee industry. We measure the impact of our relationships not only economically, but also in terms of overall quality of life for our partners and their communities.


  • Whole Bean Organic Coffee
  • Light roast