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The Etho™ is an e-commerce marketplace that connects producers and sellers of ethically made products to consumers around the globe. The Etho offers sellers the e-commerce services they require to sell their goods in The Etho’s online marketplace. The Etho’s sellers have access to our unique sales platform and our international, and growing, audience of online shoppers. We also offer our sellers a list of other services, including:

  • Verification through The Etho on Ethical Principles
  • Payment Processing 1
  • Shipping Support 2
  • Impact Calculator 3
  • Customer Support 4
  • Tech support related to your products on The Etho Marketplace 5
  • And more! Let us know what you're looking for and we will try to work with you. We are eager to help you grow your business! 6

We find the best ethical brands from around the world.


We do pre-checks, questionnaires, or site visits to ensure that sellers meet our ethical standards.


Our handpicked sellers list their shops and products on The Etho.


Shop from a variety of products and sellers with a single cart secure checkout.


Your purposeful orders are shipped directly from our artisans to your doorstep.

The Etho™ handles every stage of your product’s sale from cross-platform marketing to our secure payment processing platform to shipping support. We are with you every step of the way. With our current and growing list of business services, selling your brand line through The Etho™ is as smooth and seamless a process as possible.

The process for selling products through The Etho involves a necessary verification of your company’s ethical principles. Because we are an ethical marketplace we take our time to ensure that all products sold on The Etho™ meet a certain base level of ethical business behavior. This includes paying employees a livable wage, providing them safe working conditions and meeting a level of environmental sustainability.

To become a The Etho™ seller, please contact us at
[email protected]
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  • 1- Payment processing is offered through paypal or through paying with a credit card on our secure online shop. The Etho™ manages all payments and releases 85% of the sale price to the seller once the purchased items have been shipped.
  • 2- Shipping and logistics support through Easypost. Easypost provides the tracking numbers, discounted shipping options and all of the back-end technology necessary to manage international shipping.
  • 3- Impact calculator is offered through our partnership with, the calculator measures sellers positive impact through easy to understand metrics. This helps sellers to improve their internal processes to optimize their impact.
  • 4- The Etho provides full-service customer service support so that you don’t have to! We work with both the sellers and the customers to resolve any issues that may arise from selling through The Etho™.
  • 5- The Etho also offers basic back-end technology support to our sellers. We help with a variety of things such as product upload assistance to order processing and management support through our system.
  • 6- Finally we are working hard to develop more software services for our sellers such as inventory tracking and so much more. Please let us know if you would like to have anything in particular – we work for your success!

Associated Fees

Verification Fees $100 Initial verification fee $50 annual renewal fee
Payment Processing 1.5% of total order price
Shipping Support Depends on volume shipped - contact us for further information.
Impact Calculator Green Story charges a set fee for analysis, that is determined individually for each seller (starting at $500).
Customer Support Free
Tech Support Included in The Etho™'s sales package (15% of sales price)