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As the daughter of Colombian immigrants, I spent summer vacations in Colombia absorbing all the wonders and riches of my ancestors. I especially fell in love with the diversity of Colombia's indigenous cultures and all the different art forms they have mastered. Yet in the states, I continually faced Colombia's stereotype of drugs & violence. I founded Tulia's Artisan Gallery to show that art is Colombia's other export. I named my new business after my grandmother, Ana Tulia, who instilled in her children the values of unconditional love, wholehearted generosity, and unyielding service to both family and community. Tulia's Artisan Gallery has a mission to showcase high-quality Colombian craftsmanship by collaborating with master artisans who preserve & strengthen the diverse cultures of Colombia. Our values are to respect people, culture, and the planet. We do this by using fair trade principles throughout our operation as a member of the Fair Trade Federation. We re-invest at least 5% of each purchase in the preservation of indigenous land, culture, and knowledge in Colombia. We ensure that the chunga palm leaves for the fine art baskets and jewelry are harvested sustainably. Tulia's Artisan Gallery ships worldwide out of Chicago, IL.


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